Friday, July 6, 2012

Where the magic happens.... errrr, will happen?

I GOT A NEW SEWING SPACE!  Ok - first, let me say -- I was sewing in the basement.  I had a GREAT space!  It wasn't spiffy or neato, but it was totally big and usable and just fine!!  I felt too... separated though?  WHOA?  Did I just say that?  I am a busy mom of 3 kiddos 4 and under. I ENJOY alone time and you're all wondering "when do you have alone time?  how do you have alone time?"   The truth is that I don't have much alone time!  I get up early a few times a week to enjoy my coffee with some prayer and praise music or a sermon on my iPad by my sewing machines!  Other than that... my alone time comes at night, when my kids are in bed.
See the problem?  Ok - let me explain it.  I love my husband. He is my best friend x 1,000 and I NEED more time with him!  I don't want to go down into the dungeon to sew... even though I enjoy it and I look forward to sewing most of the time.  Sew.... (still laughing...) what to do? 
We live in a giant house.  It was built in 1850!  Yeah... sit and think about that for a minute.  It's OLD.  We rent it and we have lovely landlords -- so before you get jealous... we don't own this beauty!  I did paint and re-do some rooms (look back a few posts!) -- the dining room, however, is untouched.  I did some white touch-up paint but it's not a room that we've touched considering all of the amazing architecture, built-ins, beam work!  This room would be white from the moldings down and a lovely robin's egg blue from there up with a huge crystal chandelier if I was in charge!  But I digress....

So I shoved over my dining room table and
decided I NEEDED a craft table over by the beautiful windows!  I considered making it myself and then I thought about it... I know how to sew, not be a carpenter.  I went with the book shelves on each end and a lovely, big work surface on top!  (see my iPad?  I love that thing while sewing.... and now, do you see my thread above the molding?  HA - little fingers can't reach!  Genius....)

Enough space for 4 people (I have 3 kids... get it?  See the craft/school work options here? -- yes, I would have to move a machine though...).  Doors on one side.  I have a 1 year old people?  Besides that... everything just isn't cute on display.  So all of you other bloggers out there that move your cords and pretend things stay all cute and cozy all the time? 

And now for the Pièce de résistance ---- looky who can sit here?  This is a view from my living room!  Yes, that's the TV and baby gates and a play mat with toys in the floor.  I promise, I didn't go pretend-move everything just to look quaint for the blog.  This is how we roll here.  Sooooo, now I can sew and talk to my best friend, aka husband!  He can be in the living room doing whatever he wants to do to wind down and we don't have to do it apart... even when we choose activities that don't compliment each other.  YIPPEEEEE.  Now to go break'her in.... I have an order to ship out!  (my children have already done their first craft on their side!  finger painting!)

(I do have a little bit of work to do on her... I want to shabby her up some.  She's TOO shiney!!  I have some plans to spruce her up Pinterest style... and of course find some cool knobs for these boring doors)


  1. Crystal Baker-HansonJuly 6, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    Your a hoot! Love your new space!! Can't wait to see all the pretties you come up with!!

  2. Oh how I wish you still lived here. I LOVE this room!!! The space, the air about it. You are so creative...LOVE IT!

  3. Ha! That was me by the way....loving you. ;) Michelle

  4. I heart you Michelle and I would move in RIGHT next door to you! In Alaska I'd have this space by a big window with a view of the water :) (think Pastor Brad's house.... ---- IN MY DREAMS!)
    Crystal - hoot hoot :) Now i'm an OWL

  5. Beautiful space and much better being up near everyone!

  6. Absolutely beautiful creative space! I wish is was mine! Right now I sew and have my computer in a space 4 feet by 10 feet. It was a porch that was closed in! I am very very envious!!