Friday, August 2, 2013

the CharlieMack-A-Doodle dress fit

I did it ya'll!!! WHEW. Made it to release day.  I'll be spending more time on the blog - showing you more in's and out's of this pattern :) I wanted to stop and thank ALL of my testers! I had the most wonderful group of testers :)  Also, The Mean Princess played a VERY integral role in this pattern!  SHOUT OUT to the MP and her talents. She was encouraging and helpful and shared her expertise in creating this puppy! Also LilyGiggle -- always a big time favorite of mine... Beth offered some support and encouragement along the way and I'm truly grateful. 

The pattern works perfect for an upcycle - but note, you can just use knit like I did here :) We embellished it with the vinyl decals and funky side panels (tutorial to come later for a curved panel like this).

For fit reference. - Lily is 5 years old. Her chest is almost 22inches. She's rather average and maybe slightly petite in size.  I did not alter the pattern at all. The drop waist hits just below her waist and carries on down and over her hips where the skirt begins. We left the edges of the skirt raw - but you can see there is still room for a hem if you chose to do so. 

And for those of you wondering what a 2/3rds skirt it... it's simply 2/3rds of a circle instead of a full circle. What does this mean? It means you use less fabric :) It's a way to adjust and use directional prints as well. It DOES cut down on twirl... meaning you don't have a full-on bloomer-showing twirl BUT never fear - there is still SOME twirl as seen here :) 

Here is Reese :) She's 4.  her chest is 21 inches and she's mostly average but a hair on the petite side as well!  I used a size 2/3 for her. I did NOT alter the pattern - to give you a good view on sizing.  She would fit into a category of adjustment if I wanted the perfect fit. I could use a 2/3 for her but elongate the bodice some so that the skirt hit a little lower on her. When the skirt hits higher - it can hang on the little one's bum a bit instead of drape. I could also have made her a size 4/5 and just altered it a bit shorter :) 

I hope that helps!  I'll be adding more photos from testers, reviews, tutorials along the way!  And yes, I do have plans for sleeves... eventually :) 

Thanks for showing me the love today yall!! You can get your BurlapButton Charlie-Mack-a-Doodle dress pattern in my etsy shop!  Links are on the side of the blog.  Be sure and pick up some funky Euro fabrics for the perfect little creation :)  Other stores I LOVE to shop:  EurogirlsBoutique and OneRedBlossom Fabrics.  Show them some love ladies and whip up (and share!) your dress with me. 


  1. The dress is absolutely adorable and the girls look so darling in them. :) Way to go Kristi!!!!! You've done super douper job. HUGS!

  2. I would love to see this with a long sleeve option!!

  3. I did a review of this dress here, I would love for you to stop by and see it.