Monday, September 22, 2014

NEWS news... new.

Yes. We're doing newsworthy around here. We are doing something NEW - we are closing up shop. I say WE because WE (aka me) wears many hats around here. I am mom. I am wife. I am faithful follower of Jesus (with many mistakes...).  I am the PT and the OT and the ABA therapist every morning with my son's therapy. I am the chef that makes the dairy/soy/gluten free breakfasts and lunches and most-often dinner. I am the one who sews the Halloween costume and special outfit for "purple" day at school....x3... and the one who sews super fun clothes to sell that I adore and pour my heart and soul into and enjoy shipping them off to YOUR little munchkins at home. I'm the one still trying to keep up her 21DayFix routine because she indeed lost 15lbs and started feeling really hopeful about maintaining a normal life despite our special needs child :)  I am a wife who ADORES her husband and thinks he hangs the moon... but often times feels the need to sew or answer PM's or Facebook to maintain things instead of joining him on the couch for a movie. I am the social coordinator for 2 little girls that love to schedule playdates while at school and THEN tell me about them... the case manager for a child who see's more specialists than you can imagine. TRUST me folks... I am a WE :)
But WE need some space over here. I'm pretty good at managing stress and my time... I do manage to get it all done BUT I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing it all well. I don't want to miss too many movies on the couch with my husband... and those nights he wants to play with his neato stereo, I wanna play with my neato sewing machines :) I don't want to stay up until 2am to finish sewing something for someone else but I DO want to do that for my kids :) I don't want to feel so busy with the "stuff" I have to remember to do that I miss a therapy appointment OR I chub-out on carbs and junk food and forget my new exercise routine... because that's truly ME taking care of ME.

SOOOOOO yes. I'm "closing" :) I say that through tears... well, I cried a lot this weekend but Im feeling better about it now. I LOVE sewing. I LOVE the creative part of drafting and working out patterns even though I'm not trained... I LOVE taking fun photos and posting and seeing what you guys thinks and who might want to buy it. BUT I love myself, my family, my kids, and my hobby more :) So I want to protect those things! I don't think I'm gone for good ;) But I'm making NO promises. I may just take off running the opposite direction and never look back! OR maybe I'll find time to finish that Hack-A-Doodle which is totally drafted and photographed and just never tested or written up... or that cute A-line jumper I never showed you. I might. I might not. Who knows ;)

In the meantime I plan to continue to sew and share with you guys here. Share some photos of how I hope to sew through my childrens' wardrobe throughout the next year. No pressure on myself... I LOVE to shop :) I like buying some things ready made! I have no desire to impress you guys with how i DO IT ALL at home. None of that. No blog-shaming here. BUT I hope to keep in touch with you guys -- the Facebook page for BurlapButton will stay... and I'll decide in the months to come just how often I use it, ok? Let's all relax and enjoy our coffee, latte, pumpkin spice, green tea, coke or whatever you prefer together... deal?  Stay tuned. I'm posting my first little blog today :)

PS I hate to proofread. :) Enjoy my typos. I am an educated woman... but grammar and spelling is NOT my cup of tea. I prefer coffee ;)

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  1. Good luck my dear! ♥ You so totally deserve anything you desire in your life. What ever that might be. And if it's closing shop then it's closing shop and concentrating on different things in your life. You are an amazing woman, mother, wife, cook, therapist etc etc etc. And most of all a friend. :D Love you to bits! HUGS!