Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Happy Home : sew along


I'm joining in a Sew-A-Long!!  Jenny at invited me and who I was I to say no?? I didn't own this book yet... and low and behold, now I had a valid "reason" to hold it.  Kinda like getting a coupon for some Cheetos or something... you don't buy them, you don't eat them, you shouldn't get them....... but wait, now you have a good reason, a coupon!  So they magically hop in your cart.  With this book, however, I doubt that I've have any buyers remorse (or tummy aches!)
Sow what is this book?  It's Jennifer Paganelli's book "Happy Home:  Twenty Sewing and Craft Projects to Pretty Up Your Home"   Jennifer is a designer and to sum it up in one word "vibrant" would be my pick!  I can't wait to sew something for my home.... I mean, I don't have to take measurements and adjust for squiggly kids now do I?  Jump in here to see some of her Pretty Things (as I refer to them) -- not just for you sewers either... although it might just convince you to find a machine on CraigstList. 
I am day 20!!  But you can follow along as other participants pick a project from the book!  Jump in and watch... or join me!! We'll grab coffee... or order pizza... or eat those Cheetos.
June 11 Jenny Fish

June 12 Cathy Caprio Peckiconis

June 13 Judy Buchanan

June 14 Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Shannon Branscom Winters

June 15 Leah Kinghorn

June 16 Monique Reynolds

June 17 Melissa Peda

June 18 Jamie Harned

June 19 Stephanie Messer Danko

June 20 Kristi Pernell Elston

June 21 Kathy Hennessey

June 22 Courtney Watford Davis

June 23 Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Jade Nocella Jenny Fish

June 24 Sally Keller

June 25 Tour Wrap Up
PS - that dress from the previous posts is still up for WINS!  Need about 14 more comments - so share away!  My etsy store will be opening up very soon as well :)


  1. The hop is so fun! So glad you are a part of it girl!

  2. How did i ever get so blessed Jenny and friends I adore each and every one of you..