Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MY Happy Home

Soooo, sew.......... I could start with both :) I participated in a Sew-A-Long that I wrote about earlier... and I did my project today. Naturally, it's my turn to show-off my project tomorrow... and if any of you knew me in college - you know I work best under stress with a deadline. My philosophy was "why waste several weeks working on a paper when I could just waste one long night?" HAHA - college students, don't listen to me. So after I finished my cute little laundry bag for Caleb's room - I realized... I haven't shared any of our decorating from this old house we live in here in MA.

We rent a LOVELY home here. It's a true blessing to us! It's full of quirks and strange spaces - and we love that :) It's over 150 years old. YES, seriously. We have an old barn that is 3 stories high and has a horse and carriage cart path!! It was the old horse barn and while the carriage path is overgrown.. you can still see it. I heart this house!

Our landlords were gracious enough to let me decorate. Including paint. Wait to you see it... wait til THEY see it. They might have a heart attack -- but it's just paint... right?

Sweet Caleb -- we went all bright and cheery. We spent several months, down in the dumps and feeling all sorry for ourselves so as soon as we moved in (without any of our belongings... yes, we lived without our belonging for 6 months during that fiasco) - I started painting. I mean, we were eating on card tables and playing with toys we picked up for free at yard sales. Why NOT paint. We did a lot of touch up work to the house and some major work in the living room (I'll show those another day) that really pepped it up. But the kids room? Pep isn't the right word.

Meet Caleb's room:

You either love it or hate it! Yes, lots of stripes. BUT WHY NOT! I have plans for a painted Dr. Seuss (on removable wallpaper) mural all over to kinda chill out the stripes. Some day, I'll get that done! Yes, the wall is curved :) This house is oooold horse hair plaster and there are curves everywhere. There is a little nook you don't see... but meh, nothing special to show off here .

Now the girls room... are you ready? It was a huge room. Use to be 2 rooms way back in the day. It was a kinda light yellowy-tan and I said "No no no, this just won't do for the girls..." so this is what I came up with. Ready for it?

Yes, green STRIPES. WHAT? Was it a lot of painting and work? Yes. Did I do a lot of math? Yes. Did the math work out? No. So I just fudged the stripes :) Polka dots? Removable stickers. In my head... this would translate to a great boys-baseball room if you moved out all of the girl crap... er, stuff!

This bed... I ordered a year or more ago when we lived in California. Works even better here because they tend to get running starts (when I'm not looking) and slide on blankets all the way onto the floor and out to the mat! The little playhouse underneath? They get down there when they wake up in the morning with their pillow pets and blankets :)

Reese's little nook! Sorry for all the sunlight pouring in :) I big-puffy-heart sunshine.

Lily was proud of her clean bed and wanted a picture "in" her bed. Don't worry fellow mamas... these beds get made about 1x every 2 week when I change the sheets.

And she's SAFE folks. See that built in back there?? The little door is open? A favorite hiding place for my girls. In fact, Reese use to go hide in there and drop a doodie in her pullup quite frequently. Guess it was all about the privacy.

Sisters :)

Enjoy my home! We sure do. I didn't even vacuum before taking these pictures. Take that all of you fancy bloggers that show your cool spaces all dolled up. I must admit to kicking all of the random stuff over into the corner so that you can't see it though :)

I'll show you more of that laundry bag tomorrow!

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