Tuesday, June 19, 2012

well isn't THAT speee-cial

Cue Saturday Night Live skit :)
Sew (snicker...) I told you I was taking part in a Sew-A-Long hosted by SewPrettyDresses.blogspot.com -- well, today is MY day! This is a book of girly whirly-ma-gig and fluffy patterns to beautify your home. I tried to talk my husband into letting me do a table cloth (with ruffles!) and some pom-poms and he gave me the stink eye. He said I had to keep my ruffles on the kids clothes. And ya know - I can agree with him. We're pretty eclectic and like a little old and a little modern and somehow ruffles just didn't fit in. But when I mentioned the laundry bag -- he said "Caleb needs one of those. How about that, since we actually need it" -- haha, pretty sure that he meant more to that statement... more like "How many of your crafts do we NEED? What's it going to cost and is it functional for anything?"
I love my dear husband. He's my best friend, my biggest supporter and often times my words of wisdom Laundry bag it is!

I tried to talk Caleb into some Jennifer Paganelli fabrics like these -- he cried and begged me not to put anything pink or floral in his room. Fine, son, fine. So I went budget on this one. I got my canvas (yes! lined with canvas = important for stability) on a remnant sale so I didn't pay attention to what it looked like or what weight it was. I used some old Dr. Seuss fabrics I had on hand from makings some of Caleb's bed sheets -- he approved. So -- while I could have gotten more creative with the style... it works just fine and my hubby says it's patriotic to boot - not my goal, but we are an Air Force family so I'll just pretend I meant to.
The project is not difficult. There are a few things that could have been described more in depth. If you go slow and think about it as you go - you'll figure those out (such as the notches -- when you top stitch the seams flat on the inside, you need to stitch those flat as well... that will only make sense if you're making this project).
I was also sewing with the kids. That is... um... always interesting. I managed to make the bag and not put the canvas in. NICE work. Rule #1 - never gift or sell and item from a pattern you are trying for the first time. You will always learn your lesson about some part of the pattern... No biggie - I stitched it in afterwards. What would I change about the pattern? 2 things. I would incorporate the canvas into the whole bag -- as in the top casing as well to provide support. These would be great gifts for college kids... but do you guys remember college? I practically shoe-horned my laundry in and then chucked the bag down the stairs so I didn't have to carry it. 2nd thing -- I would provide some stability stitches around the drawstring opening like this:
(that bottom stitch is me adding in my lining that I forgot... whoops)
I'll admit....... I don't read patterns well. Reason #2 for always trialing one first. I like to go fast and fly by the seat of my pants. So these things might have been mentioned and I just missed it. Don't blame me - just don't copy me. HAHA

Now - who's going to do the laundry? There's already some in it... had to pick it up off of the floor just to snap the photos ;)

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  1. Oh we are so glad that you contributed..Huge hugs and just a big warm thanks for this pretty laundry bag!!!!

    1. Absolutely :) I just couldn't talk my hubby into anything with ruffles. Then Caleb refused your gawwww-geous fabrics. Fine - men :o)

  2. Look how cute your bag is!!!! Its amazing how laundry multiplies! This is such a useful project!! Thanks so much for showing us!!