Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farbenmix Sew A Long -- 1st up YELENA

OK ladies (and you sewing gents... there must be a few?) I have a new project for us :) A Farbenmix Sew A Long!! So there is no denying I have a girl crush on Farbenmix.  Their style, their patterns, their colors, their... everything. I saw the light over  a year ago with the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love 

Ok ya'll.  It may appear over the top.  Yes.  It is.  That's why it's perfect :) I love it! I absolutely fell in love with "farbenmixing" -- "The German word Farbenmix means "color mix" and reflects Sabine's (author of the Farbenmix patterns and co-author of this book) belief that children want and deserve color, whimsy, and imagination in their world"   YES  I love it :)  What this book does is open your eyes to the world of European inspired design and sewing for kids.  It's a very whimsical style!  Lots of colors, textures, mish mash of stripes and polka dots, embroidery, trims, etc.  This book includes 10 full sizes patterns:  
Imke shirt 
Riviera Leggings and shorts
Brooklyn Tank Top 
Brooklyn Shrug
Insa Skirt
Dortje trousers
Avalon jacket
Silver Lake windbreaker
Feliz Party Dress 
Manhattan special occasion dress. 

To date I have made SEVERAL Imke shirts with all of the options as well as the Dortje trousers which are dubbed "crazy pants" in this house and so stinking fun.  The Brooklyn Tank is on the cutting table now but I need something special for her... a new pant style.  YELENA. 

That brings me to my very first Sew-A-Long :)    I have probably 20 Farbenmix patterns in my stash (see my shop! I loved them so much I started carrying them) and I've made about 1/4 of that stash. So it's time to sew my way through and I'm bringing you along with me!  We have a facebook group to help along the way.  Search for Euro Sewing Style and ask to join if you want to be a part :) I'll host the Sew-A-Long here but we will be helping each other out, answering questions, sharing photos and such in the FB group as we go.  I am ordering the patterns in another 2 weeks to get everyone ready!  So you have plenty of time to join!  I'll also give you a good heads up about what fabrics, trims, accessories to keep your eyes out for in order to start the project.  

First up is Yelena.  My friend over at SewPrettyDresses did a BEAUTY of a job on these.  Look at that?? And what a doll her daughter is.... So her little photo inspired us to jump on these babies first! Follow her blog too :) She's amazing!! 

Ok ya'll!!!  Who's in with me :) I plan to host several more!! Who's wants to join?  There may or may not be a prize involved....... :) 

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  1. count me in!Its been sat on my shelf for at least 18 months unopened-this is the push I need :-)