Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ohhhhh YELENA here we come :) 
I sewed up these beauties to test out the pattern this weekend!  One of my girls turns 4 in a few weeks and we have a Hello Kitty sewing party planned!  Hence my choice of fabrics. 
The blue poplin is a Lillestoff fabric from my shop on Etsy and the Hello Kitty is from One Red Blossom Fabrics on etsy. She's about the fastest shipper I know and sadly... she has great taste in the fabric lines she carries.  BAD on my wallet. BUT her prices are as good as it gets!

 So get your fabrics picked out THIS WEEK ladies. Order a few trims (I have several in my shop!  BanberryPlace is another great place to order ribbons and trims from.  I would get 1 yard of 2 different coordinating fabrics to be safe. I used almost 1 full yard of the blue poplin and I did a size 116 (without seam allowances).  You can see you use slightly less of the top fabric (Hello Kitty) but just by a bit.  The blue fabric shown here runs the full pant.  As in, under the pink, there is always the blue fabric. The pink is layered on top --- so you're probably safe with quilting cottons since it all gets layered.

I made a size up and then didn't add seam allowances. They fit JUST right but could have used a little more wiggle room since they are cotton.  I added as many trims and special stitches as I could come up with without getting dizzy. They are many steps to these pants but I wouldn'ts ay it's hard.  I would suggest doing bits at a time and following along with me :) If you don't understand basic pants construction - you'll benefit by this Sew A Long. The German instructions provide little help for most of us English speakers!  
And don't be scared. Look - you can spot my imperfections right off!  Look at the right leg in the bottom photo -see how the pink isn't quite even on the inseam?  WHO CARES :) K? So remove the pressure from yourself.  Shop for your fabrics THIS WEEK and we'll start tracing our sizes out next weekend! 

Places to remember:  BurlapButton -- I have patterns and ribbons as well as some fabrics :) There's  mother's day coupon for those of you that follow me on facebook! 
One Red Blossom Fabrics - search and find her on facebook and thank me later.  She makes children's clothes too - available on Etsy. -- they've been encourage the Euro styles for years!  Great selection of trims, patterns and fabric.  

and let's not forget.... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!  Part of my gift was finishing the pants after the Mr put up the laundry, cleaned most of the house and handled the kids (after church that is) :)


  1. These are just so "stinking" cute! I don't dare to show these to my girls or they will want same kind. Happy Mother's Day to you too (well it's kind of gone now but hope you had a lovely day)!