Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Twins-day.

Twins day? Well, first off... Wednesday is not easily rhymable.  Second off - you are putting your top pant onto your bottom pant today... so it works.  Right?  Just go with it and cut me some slack ;) 

OK ya'll -- I was cruising at this point and forgot to take some photos.  OOPS :) Forgive me, ok???
Now - take your under pants (blue in my photo -- I'll refer to those as the blue pants, top layer as pink pants from now on).  Grab your blue pants pieces.  Take one front and back and place them RIGHT sides together and sew/serge up the outside seam. (that's the straight long seam that would run from ankle to hips).  Do that for both pair. Now your blue pants are in the same step as your pink pants. Press the seam forwards and topstitch down if seams bother you! I left mine as is, but my daughter has never seemed to care... It would make for a nice, smooth inside if you did press it and stitch it forwards. 

NOW - lay your blue leg out flat, print facing you.  Place your pink pant on top, matching up the lines from your pattern (if you are like me and probably didn't draw all of the lines/notches... SHAME on you. Now line them up accordingly :) You can see where they are suppose to go!! It's not that hard ;) I just wish I had a photo for you.  Line up the inseams ok?  Again - print facing you. They should look like what you expect them to look like when finished.  Do no do this right sides together... LOL :) It's a sewing habit, I know - but this time, you just layer the two with both prints facing you. 
NOW - I'll show you the photos from Farbenmix.  They can be found here: Yelena Step-by-Step   (just to be clear, these aren't my photos!! They belong to Farbenmix) Stitch along these lines -- this is to a) make it easier later by having the two pairs of pants already stitched together and b) secure the pocket! You will still serge/overlock/finish up all of these OUTSIDE seams when you put the pants together -- a straight stitch is fine. 

HERE is where you secure those pockets down. I suggest using a chalk line to outline where you are going. You could stitch wrong side up if you like your bobbin thread on top... just make sure you pick the right stitch and have the right color thread in!  NOW -- I used a fancy stitch on my machine that makes a honeycomb and is fun!! A zig zag will work perfectly though.  If you didn't finish your pocket pieces earlier on -- make sure you use some sort of stitch that will also hold/finish off the fabric from fraying.  Since it's an inside pocket, there isn't much concern... but I like to dot my i's and cross my t's.  ***NOTE -- make sure you don't stitch along the top of the pockets!  The front pocket is obvious, the back pocket -- you need to remind yourself :)  

You can see here the stitch I used on my pockets!! Looks like a coverstitch a little until you look closely :) I also suggest a nice tight zig zag or even applique stitch/satin stitch right in the pocket corners.  Those little spots get lots of pull from the kiddos (and even adults!) so secure them nicely. 

Last for today -- I just added some fun stitch lines along the middle :) Farbenmix suggests an option for adding a little bit of elastic here for a little draw!  Not much of one.  Just a small bit. I chose to just add the stitches as embellishment and no elastic. You literally lay your leg out flat, draw a line across (it will look like a slight v so that it lines up correctly. Mark the same measurement on the outside of each leg up from the bottom.  Same on the inside. Connect your lines that way.  Go back over to that Step By Step and look at theirs and you'll understand! Ribbons, trims, stitches, elastic or nothing :) 

OK if you're feeling froggy, go ahead and hem the bottom of the blue pant. I used a fun little shell stitch. It's basically a blind hem stitch... but I wasn't doing a blind hem. I cranked up the tension and aligned it just so that it would pull the tiniest little gathers into the bottom as you go along.  Just a cute little touch but it's hardly noticeable otherwise :) 

And guess what? Done for the day!! And no poopy diaper for me to change. I had to stop mid blog and change it.  HAHAHA :)  I shall go re-heat my coffee and sip some more though!  Curious George is over so I'm on tap for entertaining my kids the proper way now.  Maybe I should add more coffee to the cup before I reheat.... 

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