Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last day - past day....

Yes. I'm very past due. Ya know what?? Life happens!! It all started when my dear husband planned a little overnight get-a-way to visit other Air Force friends who are being stationed in Germany.  Germany?? Do you know how many fine and fabulous fabric companies there are in Germany?? Do you know about the bloggers and designers and companies I buy from in Germany?? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME??  I tried that conversation with our friends. They stared at me strangely. I forgot that I was out of my little protected world of sewing and Euro-crushness.  I snapped outta it.  

We had a grand little time though!!! We came back home to THE busiest weekend ever followed by THE busiest week ever.  Ok, probably not "the" but as this mom of 3 who does all of the daytime to-and-froness around here with a 2, 4, and 5 year old... it was BUSY.  So let's get these things finished??? We are ALMOST there. 

OK - so we are here.  Finish up your bottom hem if you didn't do that last time!  Again - I used a little blind hem stitch to make a shell stitch along the bottom. It's way cute. First time I've done that and I recommend trying it :) I peaked at her work here and gave it a whirl:  shell stitch .  I liked her little tutorial on how she added to a shirt!  Cool.  

Now you have 2 pant legs like this!! You just need to sew up those legs and attach together :)  
I'm going to grab the FARBENMIX photos to show you.  Remember, these photos came directly from Farbenmix on their Yelena Step-by-Step guide!!  Topstitch that side seam to the front if you chose!! 

RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER -- sew up the length of the pants.  When you line them up, the crotch will NOT line up perfectly. It's not suppose to ;) I just like to tell folks that... we always feel line everything should line up!! Do both legs like this and remember - although this photo is colorful, it's still the inside of the pants, not the outside. 

Time to sew the crotch.  (and I just giggled.  yes, crotch is funny).  This photos shows WHERE to sew, but not how!  HEre is now I do it.  I turn one leg inside out.  The other should remain right side out.  Put the leg that is RIGHT side out inside of the leg that is inside out. Sounds crazy.  Think of it this way:  you need to the pretty sides (aka right side) to face each other.  Line them up first by the bottom/side seams, etc to get them in the right spot. THEN line up the crotch. Remember you have 2 layers!! IF your 2 layers were not perfectly aligned - I suggest cutting snipping off any extra before you put them together like this. Then you aren't risking sewing one layer and missing the next?? Clear as mud, right? 

Serge up the crotch.  Or sew it Personally, I do both. I straight stitch for reinforcement and then I serge/overlock behind that.  If you are just sewing -- straight stitch, and then go back over it with a zig zag stitch right behind the straight stitch.  

Now open them up. You should have pants.  If they don't look like pants... ruh rho.  Pull out whatever you just did and start over with that step. 

The waistband {HOW I DID IT} is not hard so you're almost there folks!!!  Take your waistband strip (the only thing you have left!!) and place the two short sides together, right sides together and stitch.  Press those seams open.  NOW bring the long sides down to touch each other and line up WRONG Sides together.  So basically - you are making it look like a waistband! You first sew it into a circle/tube.  Then you fold it down nice and pretty and press/starch so that it looks like a waistband without the elastic. 

See here??  I then made my elastic tube (1-3 inches smaller than your child's waist.  Depends on how stiff your elastic is!) by sewing the short ends together.  I put the elastic into the tube and then pin it onto my pants, aligning the raw edges of the pants and the band, serge, topstitch and done. BUT that's not entirely proper.  Farbenmix has another suggested way that encloses the seam to look pretty :) My kiddos don't care about that serge so I do it my way to be fast and easy... here is the proper way: 

It involves sewing the short sides of the waistband with a 1 inch opening (click link and look at photos).  Then sew one raw edge of the waistband, right sides together per your seam allowance.  Then fold and press the band wrong sides together.  Press a little 1/4 in of the raw side of the waistband as if you were hemming it, wrong sides together.  Then pull it down over the existing stitch you made of the waistband to the pants and stitch.  Finally - thread your elastic through, close off your elastic shorts side together, close off the pants.  

 And finally TAA-DAAAAAAA :) Show off your little beauties!!!  

We had a lovely little Hello Kitty themed sewing birthday party and these little beauties were a highlight!  Sadly, I was sewing with 6 other little 4 year olds... and I never got a photo. I did snap this one the day I finished the pants.  They fit SO very well.  They were still crisp off the ironing board so they look a little ill-fitted in the photo (stiff with my wonder tape under the ribbons and such) but they are so very cute.  Be proud of them folks!! Enjoy those little nuances like my knee stitches that are NOT straight ;) You're human, ok?? :) Wear that Farbenmix tag proudly! 

Wanna see the collection of Yelenas from this Sew A Long? Stay tuned... and what shall we sew next??