Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hack-A-Doodle say WHAAAAAAT?

Now what in the world does she mean? And let me re-introduce myself… I'm Kristi, brains and crazy lady behind BurlapButton on Facebook and etsy (and occasionally I have fabric in my Big Cartel too!).  Right - you've forgotten me because I don't blog often. Did ya'll know I have 3 kids? Do you guys have any idea how many messes they make? How many boo-boos they need kissed? How many clogged toilets, spilled cups, smashed fingers, school projects, hair-brained dress-up ideas and plays and shows and sing-a-longs they NEED?  It's a lot. Alas, that's where most of my man-hours go…. so you guys suffer without me. WELL maybe suffer isn't the right word :) 
But I'm always working! Whether it's over on Betsy Button, another collaboration/brain-child of mine… with Jamberry (my new nail-obsession), sewing for my ragamuffin crew OR drafting patterns… I don't forget about you, I promise 
NOW the Charlie Mack-a-doodle has been favorite of mine (obviously…) and many of yours for a while. No no, I'm not trying to put words in your mouth… I promise at least a few of you have told me that! I'll gladly stand corrected if it's not true. Why is it popular? I think it's spunky and fun, twirly and yet comfy… can get dirty or look darling cute and well - that's what all of our wee-little-mini-mes are like, right? 
Then came the Tummy Topper. The perfect way to extend your Mack-A-Doodle into the winter months as well as create your own little tees when dresses were JUST not appropriate. Yes. I'm aware that the large number of words in those directions gets a little bit jumbled up and hard to understand. The meaning behind both patterns gets a little technical --- you know, the "why couldn't you just give us a sleeve" option. WELL because it wouldn't have looked right - so I gave you a whole new patter, ok? Now hush. I kid :) 
NOW what? Well, I want to tell you there are 2 patterns in the works right now. I have a lovely A-line jumper (knit of course!!!) that has a few options INCLUDING that lovely ruffle bottom that I showed off OHHH about 8 months ago and never got done (don't judge ya'll.) AS well as the Hack-A-Doodle. NOW's the time I explain what that means….. Are you one of those that wants a pattern for EVERYTHING? I've been there. I was one of you too… until I started fiddling. Yes, fiddling. Did you know that you can get a lot done by fiddling? It may take a few wrongs before you get a right (don't tell my children that!) BUT it can be done :) I'm years into this fiddling fix and that's where I landed on pattern making. I'm self-blog-internet taught (although I did indeed take sewing lessons way back when) and I do it all the hard way. I draft by hand… rulers, math, more rulers, more math. I've leaned on some buddies in the biz that have helped me and even done some work with me to get my patterns going but I've learned and grown a lot through it all! Am I trying to talk you into the pattern biz? NO. I'm not. What I am trying to talk you into is being creative :). Repeat after me: I DO NOT NEED A PATTERN FOR EVERYTHING I DO. 
That being said - I wanted to offer you EVEN MORE options with our good ole Mack-A-Doodle. A hack, of sorts. Have ya'll seen those on the internet? I've seen Ikea Hacks and Pottery Barn Hacks and well you get the drift. We're going all MacGyver style here! With this Hack-A-Doodle I want to give you many… yes, a whole handful of options that you can integrate into your Mack-A-Doodle. What I hope you'll see and learn is now only how to do these nifty options BUT HOW TO DREAM UP YOUR OWN. When you have a basic pattern that you feel like fits well and suits your needs - don't be afraid to dress it up! 
Here is a sneak: 

 Princess skirt anybody with a lovely rouche?? 

What about a fancy smancy knit collar? 

You guys - the possibilities are endless! Didn't this turn out CUTE? 

Not trying to TOOT my own horn over here but… TOOOT :) I love it and I dare say you will too. So as you can imagine, this can be used in a VARIETY of ways. And that's what I plan to show you AND MORE (that I haven't shared yet!) in the lovely Hack-A-Doodle Add-on that will be available in my shop … um… eventually (I mean I can't put a deadline? Ya'll might hold me to it)

If you happen to love THIS very dress… you're in luck! It'll be up for auction over at BetsyButton (on Facebook) during our European upload on May 1st-2nd :) 

Can I get a WOOT WOOT ya'll? 


  1. Adorable! Can't wait to get my hands on this pattern ;)

  2. woohoo!!! super excited. It's getting warm here already. I just had to print the next sizes for my daughter *sniff sniff* That collar is fantastic!

  3. Be a sewing McGyver! I love it! and I love-adoodle you!

  4. this is genius! love it love it!!!

  5. I'm with Kathy! You are sewing McGyver. You go girl and blow us away with your Mcgyverness (he always blows things up). Looooove the dress!