Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday Crumbs day -- Yelena Farbenmix SewALong

Today - we shall get started... but you won't really move head into the fun stages where you see it all come together. Just time to trust the pattern maker here and imagine :)  Some of you might like to sit and sew it all together in one shot. I did... and I generally do things that way. But I do notice that I get tired or jumbled and just wanna get it done and start getting ... um... a little less perfect. Because I am perfect, right? NOOO - ok, I get a little sloppy. If you follow along - that gives this sweet little pattern and design time to marinate. You don't have too many steps to do so you can do it right the first time and there is no time crunch.  Take your time. You can do 30 mins a day or less and there's no rush or hurry, ya know?? 

**Extra step. I like my edges finished. If you have a serger/overlocker -- that's what I would use. If not, I would maybe take the extra step to zig zag the edges here. NOW - you will stitch over these later, but I prefer to know that they are finished and covered for easy washing later on. So I chose to take all of my pocket pieces -- front and back -- and finish around all of the curves.  See in this photo -- I didn't finish all edges (although you could...) just the outside curve. I would do that on the back pocket too - all around the U just not the top edge.here.  

Look closely and you can see I chose to add a trim here!! I added a little mini-pom pom trim. NOW I know it seems strange, but I sandwiched it inwards between my pocket piece and my pants piece.  Trust me - when you flip, the little pom pom flips up and out.  I chose something nice and pliable -- the crocheted base stretches and moves easily. I did straight stitch it down with 1/4 seam allowance prior to adding the pocket.  Pin the pocket in place and stitch along that top curve --- right over the trim that I added RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  Do this for both pieces front leg pieces (the shorter, front leg piece!)

Then - I clipped my corners in the curve.  See? Just clip closely BUT NOT TO the stitch. YOu want the stitch to stay, you are just giving the fabric some ease for when you flip the pocket out.   Now take that pocket piece and flip it over to the opposite side of the fabric.  Starch and press it nice and flat.  

See - on the left, it's just as sewn. On the right, Ive flipped it out. Isn't my little trim cute there?? :) 

Note to remember -- if your patter piece isn't lining up. STOP and reevaluate. You might have the WRONG pattern piece!  Maybe you have the right leg instead of the left. Maybe you have the under layer and you should have the top. Always stop... don't adjust to make it work... make sure you have the right piece in the right size first!! 

NOW grab the back pieces.  We are still working on the top layer of the pants. If you cut the fabric with the pocket attached -- you would just fold it down and iron. If not, lay your piece down in the same spots as the pattern piece RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and pin.  Then straight stitch them down with your appropriate seam allowance, right along the top.  Next, serge along that same top edge (all the way across) OR zig zag over the edges to finish them off and keep them from being raw and unraveling in the wash.  Now - pull the pocket piece over to the wrong side of the fabric like I have below, pulling down the seam allowance as well so that it's rolled to the inside of the fabric. Starch and iron them down nice and crisp.  

See here?? I have it stitched down plus I added some trims.  :)  Now - to help you think... this piece will make the back of the pants. The pocket is hidden right above where these pieces lay. So those trims run the top of the pocket while that blue piece on the right makes the inside lining of the pocket.  Go ahead and add any trims here as you like. No rules :) Just straight across the top.  Either way - you need to topstitch this pice so that the seam allowance folds in and the pocket stays down even if you don't add trims.  SEEEEEEE --- this is the moment that I wished I would have serged across that top edge before all of these steps. I prefer my edges finished that way... and it always adds just the right seam allowance as a good guide for me :) 

Now go sip some coffee, take a hot bath. Read a good book..... or like me, change a diaper, clean up the same mess you cleaned up 45 minutes ago, try and comb down your very unruly and messy hair as you throw on some lip gloss in hopes that you look presentable at the preschool pick-up line :)  Tomorrow, we'll make them start to look more like real leg pieces! 

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