Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday funday - Yelena Farbenmix Sew A Long

Today, we get started... with the not so fun parts :o/ Time to trace that pattern out!  Remember, this is a European pattern and there are NO seam allowances. So please add your own!! You can tape two pencils together for about a 1/2 inch seam allowance :) Trace along the pattern with the other pencil on the outside and that will draw your cut line! I usually just eyeball it... and for this pattern, I actually sized up one (since we were kinda in between sizes) and didn't add any seam allowances so it all worked out.

First things first, I measured and determined my size. I like the fact that there are no seam allowances. That means the piece as measured is the exact size it would be as sewn! S I measured the front and back leg pieces to get a good leg-hole size, waistbands, and length to chose.  :) I traced over the size I wanted with my trusted Sharpie. Highlighters work well!  Makes it easier when I transfer. 

Check out these little guys? They were important little helpers today. #1 - my little man Caleb who was napping.... but as always, he's usually into something so I keep my eyes on him video-monitor style.  Next up are my little paper dolls my kiddos designed. I tried out the Kiwi boxes and this was our first craft. Hilarious enough - the kids got to design and cut out their own clothing to dress the dolls :) We had a nice time and I was pretty impressed with the quality/idea behind these little craft boxes! 

Now, I was out of all normal tracing papers... even my trusted freezer paper from the grocery store. Soooo I taped together some trusty notebook paper. It works great! You can see right through it - traced and cut my pieces. 

See my pieces? Also important... my coffee :) AND then I have the lovely Step by Step photos by Farbenmix up on my screen!! Google Chrome even translates them for me. Kinda comes out as Germlish but between that and the photos, I had no problems. 

The ONLY thing to note about cutting is the back of the leg... with the pocket. It's attached to the leg on the pattern BUT you can cut it separately.  Let me show you: 

Number 4 --- the pocket will be folded down when you sew.  So it CAN be the same material and you cut it all in one swoop - or you can use a different fabric, or cut a different piece and attach it there tomorrow :) You can also use this as a template to attach a pocket on the outside if you so choose -- but the beauty of this pattern is the cute little open pockets that are semi hidden IMO. 

Note --- this is the under layer. It's the longer of the pants parts and it runs the full length of the pants!  You will see this peep out on the back above the pockets, in the front above the pockets and along the bottom.  Unless you plan to add a zipper or a faux crotch/fold over seam on the crotch... cut up the straight line on piece #2 and don't add that extra flap like in my piece here.  Don't worry - you can cut it out later if you decide. PLEASE note --  you need to cut each leg piece twice.  I usually fold my fabric and cut 2 at the same time. That gives me one with print facing me and another in reverse. That's important!! You need to reverse the print on your fabric (left to right... not top to bottom) for the 2nd cut if you cut separately!  So if you cut the left leg, cut the mirror image for the right leg.  Don't just slide it over and cut again... remember to flip your pattern OR your fabric over :) 

And that's it for today!! Trust me, it takes a lot of brain power just to get your fabrics picked out, planned and cut with all of these options!! So I decided on a lovely Lillestoff poplin from my stash for the main pants pieces.  Then for my daughter's 4th birthday party... she had a Hello Kitty theme. So I went with One Red Blossom Fabrics on Facebook for the cute Hello Kitty Fabric.  I did all of the pockets and extra pieces in the poplin since you don't see as much of that.  Ribbons and trims all came from my stash/shop. Look for the crocheted trims/pom pom trims to come soon!! 

You will also need elastic for the waistband - but that's all!  Just to be clear -- you will cut 2 of each pants piece.  One front blue, one back blue. One front pink, one back pink.  That makes 1 leg --- so repeat (meaning 2 of each) in the end :) 

Feel free to post questions - for quicker answers, find our Facebook page:  EuroStyle Sewing 

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  1. Looks like a fun project and I would love to sew along but not a chance this week as I have visitors from Finland coming. Have fun all!